Halfling: Warfare

As rare as warfare is to a halfling community, in time conflict comes even to where it is least desired. When this occurs and the halflings of a clan goes to war, they will use their surroundings to their advantage'even if that means attacking from the shadows. Usually hopelessly outmatched in a direct confrontation, halflings nonetheless excel at removing the advantage from the enemy, whether by turning a frying pan into a weapon or infiltrating enemy ranks to lower morale with sabotage or theft. The briefer the encounter, the better their likelihood of survival.

Because of their small size and limited strength, a close range confrontation can be deadly to a halfling. When forced into this position, halflings will usually opt for retreat if possible. When deprived of an avenue for escape, they may attempt distraction tactics. It is in these cases that their taunts and strength in numbers become crucial to their survival.

Defending a particular patch of land is something at which halflings excel. They know their own territories like the back of their hands, which allows them to place the most elaborate of traps in less time than many would think possible. When defending, halflings rarely act alone; with good eyes and ears out front, word of approaching threats can be passed down the line and a clan dissembled in record speed in favor of safer ground. Especially with those clans who have no patch of land to begin with, their nomadic nature has foiled many an enemy. These would-be attackers often realize far too late that the tribe has already moved on to another place and avoided the confrontation altogether. After all, the heart of the halfling home is its children. Walls and wheels can be replaced, but the children cannot.