Standing slightly hunched, these lean catlike humanoids are quite a sight. Their athletic bodies show a creature that was made for speed and agility. A grimal is a wild hunter and a devastating predator with feral roots. The wise will approach one warily.

Covered in patched fur, these feline creatures have lonely catlike eyes. Females have more refined features with their faces raised in constant amusement; their arched eyebrows demanding respect.

Male eyes are just as feral if not more so. Their features are more violent, less inviting to conversation, and with a slight frown that keeps them isolated from many. Their small feline ears perk up when curious and are lowered when in danger. Their mouth slightly protrudes with small whiskers to the side. Above their mouth is a fine black nose that is keen to smells and balances their reserved expressions.

Their hands are a sight to behold. From a distance, they look as simple claws, feline hands with no opposable thumb. However, when observed from up close, one can see their digits are actually curled up under their palms, an instinctive habit. When unfurled, these digits can grasp any object, though at times, it seems awkward and ungainly.

Grimals have a small hunch, because they can, and often do, walk on all fours. Finally, their most unique feature is their long tail, stretching to normally half their body length. They constantly play with it, wrapping it around their form or catch objects with it. 

NWN specifics: This is not a playable race.