Who has visited this great elf capital and returned to tell tales? There are few, if any. It is said that the mages who guard this city know you are coming before you do, and if you are found not worthy of admittance after their rigorous investigation, you are sent either across the ocean or to its bottom, in either case without ever having set foot in or laid eyes on the precious gem of Elven civilization.

It is also said that the extraordinarily exclusive group of individuals who are welcomed at the Sadinia docks are never seen or heard from again for other reasons. The city is rumored to be so sublime as to make men and Elves alike lose themselves within its shimmering structures and resplendent residents. It is likely the only major city in all of Layonara that preserves and perhaps even amplifies the natural splendor of the forest it is constructed in. They also say that much of the city can be found suspended in the canopy, built on the massive branches of the ancient trees of the southern Evergreen Forest. Even the weather in Sadinia, some tell, is always perfectly cool with a gentle breeze rustling the trees and stirring the pleasant forest scents. This is remarkable as Sadinia is the southernmost Layonaran city and thus should be subject to intense climatic forces.

There is perhaps no place in all of Layonara of which more has been said. And there is perhaps no place in all of Layonara of which less is known.

Sadinia is the capital city of Voltrex and lies at the southwestern tip of the continent.

Population: 16,570

GP Limit: 24,850 gp

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Government: Magocracy

A large, heavily fortified castle looks over this city. The city is surrounded by reinforced masonry walls and is heavily warded by magic.