Entities of nature, t'olefor are magnificent creatures that defy explanation; nevertheless, when faced, make perfect sense. These green-tinted creatures of perfection are regarded highly for their beauty, but even more so for their infinite wisdom and their ability to understand the repercussions of excess and abuse.

They are slender fey, standing approximately a foot smaller than a halfling and possessing the finest of features. Female faces have pinprick features, tiny slender noses with rather captivating full eyes, and long pointed ears that twirl around their hair. Males possess wise faces, a more than serious demeanor, and what seems to be a constant frown.

Both females and males sport long and playful hair riddled with small leaves and held in fancy twisted patterns by small branches. Their clothing is such that their lithe legs are not restrained by them. They appear muscular but are not very strong; the lack of body fat just makes the muscles show.

Their movements are melodic and captivating. Their motions are the pinnacle of grace and nobility.

NWN specifics: This is not a playable race.