NWN Downloads

NWN Downloads

The files needed to play Layonara after installing Neverwinter Nights are listed below.

You will require an application to extract RAR archives, we recommend PeaZip.

Mandatory Downloads

After you install Neverwinter Nights, you need to extract these two archives to your Neverwinter Nights directory. The files in the All In One Hak should be extracted into the haks directory where you installed Neverwinter Nights.

The tlk Custom Language file should be extracted into the tlk directory where you installed Neverwinter Nights. If you don't have a tlk directory, create one and extract the file from this archive into that new directory.

All In One Hak Pak: 

layo_all_haks.7z MD5: acf3e2694e8f805213050700c07436b2

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_all_haks.7z (901 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)
Custom Language File: 

layonara_v30.7z MD5: aa7f2a0cf2d93bb97bd53b962194de14

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayonara_v30.7z (757 KB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)
Optional Downloads
While the files listed below are not essential, they enhance your Layonara experience greatly.

Extra heads needed for character creation. Extract into your nwn/override/ folder.

application/x-7z-compressed iconLayoHeads.7z (7 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

The custom portraits used in this archive help put a face to a name. Extract into your nwn/portraits/ folder.

application/x-7z-compressed iconLayoPortraitsPack.7z (129 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

Custom music that can be heard in some areas. Extract into your nwn/music/ folder.

application/x-7z-compressed iconLayoV2Music.7z (89 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

Neverwinter Nights Community made guidelines to roleplay. Useful and generally reflects what we use here in Layonara.

application/pdf iconRPGuideLetter.pdf (733 KB) (PDF)
Individual Hak Paks
In the event that you can not download the entire All In One Hak Pak or you're trying to replace a missing hak, you can optionally download each of the haks that are in the all in one.

layo_ctrlv3r21.7z MD5: 8c1453b9b1760f9bf5393743783afdd7

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_ctrlv3r21.7z (307 KB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_robe3.7z MD5: c45490bf77b17783cf09c970358f72a1

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_robe3.7z (16 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_robe2.7z MD5: 08956ceb96a0b1ff67bc661c5bcbd3ff

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_robe2.7z (30 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_robe1.7z MD5: 2e35e2733673220fe08af1fa73d2ea26

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_robe1.7z (32 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_race1.7z MD5: 05982b165c86896ce828c9eb3ba5e04e

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_race2.7z (26 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_race1.7z MD5: e6acecc3b896319fc57d93d6fc4c76aa

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_race1.7z (18 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_anims.7z MD5: 05a1578e15a69b1913bef57b2c97bdf8

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_anims.7z (14 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_resr2.7z MD5: f30291d6a8fdc634974afef7fdc57167

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_resr2.7z (16 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_tga.7z MD5: 4355c9fccde7423c2f441db884384b3e

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_tga.7z (338 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_wok.7z MD5: 2025eb15c7d4126207b99f3f3bb77ae9

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_wok.7z (11 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_tiles2.7z MD5: e314be3f6ddbf7c146cde4de49c34a60

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_tiles2.7z (55 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_tiles.7z MD5: a88c159ecb88f6efc66a92dce64294b5

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_tiles.7z (137 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_plc.7z MD5: 6cde911d325df1bded27a7a70b8434f8

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_plc.7z (7 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_misc.7z MD5: d3cd7faf5a1d1b23a44a6de177788840

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_misc.7z (191 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)

layo_minimaps.7z MD5: 3f7a2ed02ac602359398aaf4562c2cb7

application/x-7z-compressed iconlayo_minimaps.7z (11 MB) (X-7Z-COMPRESSED)