Ships of Layonara

Since people first decided to take that tentative and frightening step to travel across the ocean, they have been fascinated by its beauty and repelled by its fickleness. From the humble canoe, to the tribal outrigger, to the mightiest vessels that brave the oceans of the world today, ships have evolved and will continue to evolve. Still, while designs come and go, the most effective endure. New vessels are often variations on older themes with sturdier construction, better rigging and numerous other marginal improvements.

Like with any trade, there are those in the world who have become famous for their skills, either in shipbuilding and construction or exceptional seamanship, or both. Some of the best shipyards in the world can be found in the islands that belong to the Rohden Alliance, Tilmar and Corsain. Many shipyards destroyed during Sinthar Bloodstone's invasion of the island have been rebuilt and have once again begun to turn out mighty ships of war and commerce that will sail the seas of the world. Tilmar and Corsain have a long history of seafaring and the skills of the islanders may well be be the best in the world.

While Tilmar and Corsain may boast the finest shipbuilders, they are not the only place in the world that one can seek an expert in naval construction and seafaring. Various kingdoms around Dregar also have a fine history of shipbuilding, especially some of the larger ports on the west and south coasts. Hurm and Lor are regarded as the two most proficient shipbuilders on that continent. Alindor and Mistone also boast several medium- to small-sized shipyards which produce most of the world's supply of medium-sized crafts.

The biggest hurdles to shipbuilders the world over are the high costs and availability of resources and skilled labor. These challenges are never easily overcome, but they were especially limiting during the Dark Ages. Even now that the skies are once again clear, a skilled shipbuilder or designer can still demand exorbitant prices for their services--a price that many mercantile confederations or kingdoms have no choice but to pay. In this industry, the demand far outstrips availability, and that same high demand drives prices upwards.