Grand: Temples

Most worshipers of Grand worship in tents or buildings that often double as smithies and crafting houses.

Grand's Supremacy (Also called Grand Temple)

After ascending to the head of the church, Jukha was given by Grand a vision of a huge temple built into a mountain. It was to be built of stone and was to have secret rooms and a massive crafting hall. It was to be called Khhakt'g Gbhorhaz' (Grand's Supremacy); although, most orcs simply call it Khhakt norbho (Grand Temple). The scale of the temple in Jukha's vision was beyond his ability to create, so he did what he could and set the tribe and others that he bribed to make the vision come true.

The result is a stone edifice built on the Brech's base and extending back almost an eighth of a mile into the rock. While the stonework is rough and poorly decorated, the temple is solid and a naturally defensive structure. If a follower of Dorand lived to see the inside, they would be amazed at the resemblance to the temples of Dorand. Clearly, Grand remains influenced by his one-time god. Mentioning this would be a very bad idea.

Young orcs wishing to become a shaman may spend time at the main temple as an alternative to learning from a local shaman. They are virtual slaves for one year. Then, they are taught the basics of Grand's magic'provided they show aptitude. These adepts are called khkng (grunts) in the first year and gbhhang (splats) in the second year.

It is possible that a human might be tolerated if they were sufficiently evil, as would a half-orc. However, no non-orc will be allowed to rise in the church. Half-orcs looking to infiltrate the church will find quickly that the only information they can report is the health of the digestive tracts of their superiors since they are stuck cleaning latrine areas day after day in Grand's name.

  • Grand's Finger
    Deep in the stone temple to Grand is a small room with a simple altar. On that altar, resting on cloth dyed with the blood of a dwarven smith, is a yellowed bone with a tiny withered wrap of leathery skin attached. Legend has it that it is one of Grand's original fingers; whether this is true or not is yet to be determined.