Half Elf

Born from a Human and an Elf, Half Elves combine the best features of both races. Physically, they resemble their elfish parent with pointed ears and a willowy build, but they possess markedly Human curiosity and ambition.

Their stature is diverse, with taller Half Elves nearing 6 feet while the shortest measure a tad under 5 feet. Their diverse heritage also leads to great weight range with some as slight as 110 pounds while some grow to a prodigious 200 pounds. They are welcomed by both of their parental races, but they never fully assimilate into one race or the other due to the boundaries imposed by their mixed heritage.

While they may not live as long as full-blooded elves, they still have substantially longer lives than humans, with the oldest half elves reaching 170 years old. They become adventurers for the same reasons that their human and elfish counterparts do and they are typically well-rounded and capable adventurers.

Player character Half Elves can understand the elven language, but to be able to speak and read/write it they must either learn it through roleplay in game or have a clearly defined reason in their submission biography. Their Intelligence must be a minimum of 12 to receive the ability to be fluent in another language.

  • Favored Class: Any
  • Racial Qualities:
    • Hardiness vs. Enchantments
    • Low-light Vision
    • Partial Skill Affinity (Listen)
    • Partial Skill Affinity (Search)
    • Partial Skill Affinity (Spot)
    • Immunity to Sleep