Halfling: Composition

Halflings are naturally agile. Their slim and nimble bodies allow for exceptional freedom of movement and a nimbleness that is unparalleled by any other race. Their magnificent hand coordination also makes them naturals when it comes to combat skills requiring a high degree of manual dexterity.
The natural agility that halflings possess is offset by their limited strength. Size is the major factor at play in this, and their small statures limit the amount of physical power they can wield. Their short reach and small legs also means that the members of this little race are constantly trying to catch up to others. Even so, their skill in scouting means that rarely will a halfling ever get left behind.

Halflings are also known for their resilient nature and have indomitable willpower. Perhaps this is because of the innocence their race carries or the impishness hidden in their demeanor. Whatever the cause, to dishearten a halfling is no easy task.