Halfling: Diplomacy

Halflings rarely ally themselves with others. Normally, a group of halflings will ally only with those cities that have provided historical or long-standing protection to a particular clan, or with people who share their nomadic lifestyle.

Even so, the halflings recognize that in order to travel the lands, one must remain neutral to many other clans and people. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in the halfling mindset; while they tend to skirt any region that is known for darker deeds, preferring to avoid contact, they will remain neutral when an encounter is unavoidable.

Halflings openly oppose people who impede their ability to wander freely. Their worst enemies are militant expansionists who place taxes, tolls or restrictions on travelers, or anyone who completely blocks their travel. Other than that, halflings make few enemies. Though they will defend their clans when necessary, they try to avoid becoming involved in politics.