Halfling: Magic

Halflings are open to any gifts that further their existence and that of their families, and as such many have recognized the value in what magic can accomplish. However, as most halflings run into difficulty with disciplined academia, it can be challenging for a halfling to master through formal study the intricacies of the Al'Noth. Even so, there are many who feel that the wonders of magic outweigh the challenges of a mage's education, and halfing mages can often be seen among the tents and caravans of a halfling camp.

Halflings generally prefer spells that enhance their natural gifts without too much pomp and fuss. Spells that enhance a halfing's scouting or survival skills are usually the first to be appreciated, but for many it is not long before the flash and bang of the Al'Noth becomes attractive. For those that come to love this aspect of magic, any spell that leads to an explosion is considered a good thing.