The Test

At the age of 100, all dark elves need to prove their loyalty to their people and their deities by undergoing the Test. To fail the Test is to die a slow and painful death or be transformed by powerful magic into a form more suitable to the deities' needs.

Little is known or disclosed about the Test until the time of taking it comes upon the individual dark elf. It is suspected that those so tested are examined directly by one of the deities in order to ensure there's no possibility of betrayal. One dark elf who did take the Test was later forced to become a surface dweller and has spoken little of his ordeal.

If his words are any indication, the Test delves into the deepest fears and the most closely held secrets of the individual. That which most affects the psyche of any given dark elf belongs to Baraeon Ca'Duz or Vierdri'ira to use as they wish.