Mirikel: Notable People

Mirikel: Notable People

Miranda Mirikel is the current queen of the kingdom that bears her name (1384-, R: 1409-). Only daughter of an elven mother and a half-elven nobleman, Mirikel's queen was brought up in the warm embrace of her mother's family in the Howling Forest as a follower of nature. Miranda had always been taught the delicate balance upon which nature thrives, but her perception of balance in Vanavar changed when she traveled to Cel the year she turned twenty. Journeying south from North Hampton with forest items for trade, Miranda saw how humans and urban elves lived in filth while others in the land threw away food after each meal. She could not stand idly by, despite assurances from others that such extremes were necessary for "balance".

Miranda reflected for a long time upon what she had seen--a trait she is well know for as a ruler--before shedding her obedience to her previous notions of balance and embracing a more pragmatic approach: that one must do all that one can to help one's fellows. She gathered her family together and presented them with a simple plan to help change their world for the better: they would charge the people of North Hampton more, and invest their profits in Cel. They would then transport Cel's tools and produce back to the north for sale there.

This plan worked well for Miranda's family, and word quickly spread among the elves of the land (especially those of Mith'oromarde who had recently been helped by non-elves) that it was possible to help the less fortunate people of the land, and that they should not be insensitive to the sights of poverty in the south. Miranda became well known, and when her plan for unifying the shires was first spoken she immediately garnered the support of her kin.

Although Miranda's desire to unify Vanavar was born of her vision of a strong state that would make a habit of supporting the less fortunate, Mirikel's queen has never forgotten her early lessons on nature and balance.

Miranda's rule has always striven to ensure that nature is protected, and harmed only as much as necessary for her kingdom to grow.